Cracking page 1 on Google

It has happened! Brum has cracked page 1 on Google for “web design in Birmingham Alabama!” For a couple of months now, I’ve been blogging about Brum Advertising’s journey to page 1 in Google for search terms related to “web design in Birmingham Alabama.” When I began, we were no higher than the middle of page 4 for any web-related term. And prior to 2015, we were no higher than middle of page 6 for any web-related term.

Brief Background

Since 2008, Brum Advertising has been doing more and more web design for our clients. Since that time, we’ve also seen incredible success for our clients’ optimization of their websites. Furthermore, our agency’s own SEO has generated phenomenal results in areas unrelated to web design in recent years! We have landed some big accounts as a result of those page one rankings. So we’ve understood first-hand the importance of having a page one presence in Google. With our agency taking on more and more web business, and considering our overwhelming success with optimizing our clients websites and our own, we decided to optimize our agency’s website for terms related to SEO and web design in Birmingham Alabama.

So cracking page 1 on Google became very important to us. Over a period of about 18 months, Brum Advertising shot onto the radar screen for web design. We moved from page 35 to page 20, then quickly to page 10, finally coming to rest on page 6. We plateaued on page 6 and frankly just stopped optimizing for web design until February of 2015. At that time, I began round 2 optimizing Brum for web design. Very soon thereafter, I began to blog about our efforts.

The Rankings

So, now to the rankings. As of today (the day of this writing, June 29, 2015), Brum now ranks organically as follows for the following key terms related to web design and SEO:

  • “web design in Birmingham Alabama” – page 1, #6
  • “web design and SEO in Birmingham Alabama” – Page 1, #1
  • “SEO Birmingham Alabama” – Page 1, #7
  • “Digital Agency Birmingham AL” – Page 1, #5

We also rank on page 1 and page 2 for many other web-related terms; however, the 4 terms listed above are the key web terms on which we have chosen mainly to focus. The potential business inquiries have already begun. 🙂 As our optimization efforts persist, we will continue to report our progress as we push to obtain an overall #1, page 1 presence in Google for terms related to SEO and web design in Birmingham Alabama.


Brum Advertising is a full-service advertising agency offering traditional marketing, SEO, and web design in Birmingham AL and around the country.