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Direct Mail in Birmingham AL and Across The U.S. – Call Now, 205-447-9871

Direct Mail in Birmingham AL and Across The U.S. – Call Now, 205-447-9871

Direct Mail in Birmingham AL – Serving the U.S.

You get one chance to make a first impression. So make it a good one! Brum Print makes it easy. We provide high-quality printing and turn-key direct mail in Birmingham AL and around the country at prices rivaling our competitors!

Potential Profit from Postcard Mailings

Maybe you run a dental practice and are looking to grow your practice. Or maybe you operate a Heating & Air Company and are looking for more work. No matter your industry, did you know the average response rate on a postcard mailing is one percent? And that’s just the average! It’s not uncommon to see 2% or more! In other words, if you send out 10,000 pieces, you are quite likely to receive 100 calls, maybe 200! And a decent percentage of those leads are likely to convert to sales, new customers, or new patients! It’s no wonder that Direct Mail has always been and continues to be a strong method of marketing for many!

Get in Touch Today!

Please contact Brum Print now to discuss utilizing postcard direct mail to reach your new customers! The Brum Print team can discover your goals, your target audience, and give you a quote for preparing and mailing your first campaign! We make everything turn-key and offer a standard two-week turn-around with faster rush delivery available.  Whether you need direct mail in Birmingham, AL or anywhere across the U.S., call us Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, (205) 447-9871

Custom Design is FREE!

Most of our direct mail clients want help designing their postcard. No problem! At Brum Print, your postcard design is included for Free, as part of our direct mail services. Brum Print’s experienced design staff will create your piece quickly and professionally to your satisfaction.

Industries Known to Do Well with Direct Mail

Which industries are known to do the best with Postcard Direct Mail? Here you go: Automotive Dealerships, Automotive Repair, Beauty & Wellness, Charities/ Ministries, Chiropractic, Churches, Credit Unions, Dental, Financial Services, Gyms/ Fitness, Healthcare/ Medical, HVAC, Jewelry Stores, Landscapers, Legal, Mortgage Companies, Non-Profits, Painting Contractors, Pet Stores, Political, Realtors, Restaurants, Retail Flooring, Retail Furniture, Salons, Veterinarians, and Weight Loss. The preceding list is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it’s a quick reference to see many of the businesses who do well with direct mail marketing.

What Factors Help to Ensure a Successful Postcard Campaign?

One of the most commonly-asked questions is, “What factors make a postcard mail campaign successful?” There are basically four factors: 1. Hitting the right people, 2. a compelling offer, 3. the design, and 4. consistency. These four factors are not, however, an exhaustive list of the things that make for a successful postcard mail campaign. The timing of your postcard campaign’s delivery, for example, can also play a vital role in your campaign reaching its full ROI potential. The preceding four factors mentioned are, however, the main ones.

Postcard mailerSo first, you must hit the right people. This would be your mailing list. The geographic areas, zip codes, and sometimes the income levels or other factors need to be ascertained and implemented in your direct mail campaign for best results. Brum Print compiles all of the demographic, geographic, and psychographic data for your company’s potential customers to create the best mailing lists possible!

Second, the offer being given on your postcard mailer must be compelling. You want to give those receiving your postcard a reason to call you. Is it simply `that time of the year,’ maybe a special promotional offer you’re wanting to use to grab their attention, a first-time offer, a sale, or coupon? Good offers make postcards more compelling and increase your ROI. Brum Print will help ensure your message and offer is compelling!

Third, in addition to being compelling, the design of your postcard must catch the eye. It has to look professional, as it is an instant reflection or first impression of your business. Whether the postcard looks professional and connotes the right message in the right way will have a definite bearing on whether potential customers will pick up the phone to call you. That’s where the Brum Print team can help. We will ensure your postcard is designed to make your phone ring!

Fourth, once we help you determine the right list to target, it’s important to be consistent in the delivery of your message. Although you may get really good response from  your first mailing, sending regular mailings to the same list is the real secret to amping up your sales volume realized from your direct mail campaigns. It’s like priming a pump; and the more potential customers see You, the more likely they are to call you over your competition!

Should I Use Email or Direct Mail?

Some will ask, “Email or Direct Mail to reach new customers?” Let’s use a real-life example. We all know who Google is, right? They’re only the largest provider of email, internet, and web services in the world today. Were you aware that a very large part of Google’s business acquisition strategy utilizes direct-mail advertising? It’s true, and for good reason! Direct Mail is targeted, it’s measurable, and it produces big results!

Direct Mail in Birmingham ALSo if the world’s most valuable brand, Google, uses direct mail in large part to reach new customers, that’s a pretty clear indicator of its success. This is one really good reason alone to strongly consider a direct-mail campaign!

When is the hottest time of year for your industry to profit most from a direct-mail campaign? Maybe it’s right now! Remember, the world’s most valuable brand, Google, heavily uses direct mail for acquiring its new customers, even with all of its resourceful access to email and internet marketing! …And unlike email, there is no fear of a Postcard weaving a virus through your computer.

Please contact Brum Advertising now to discuss using direct mail to reach your new customers. The Brum team can discover your goals, your target audience, and give you a quote for preparing and mailing your first campaign! Brum Print can be reached Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Central Time by Clicking HERE now or calling (205) 447-9871


Printing in Birmingham AL – Serving the U.S.

Whether it’s a business card, brochure, post card, rack card, or other item you need to print, Brum Print offers you two options to get your jobs printed quickly, easily, and affordably!

First Print option: Let Us Handle It

Whether big or small, let us handle your next print job for you. We can make it turn-key! Need help designing your piece? We’ve got you covered. Brum can provide creative graphic design for a small fee. We will create something that’s sure to wow your customers and be the envy your competition! Want to see a few samples of Brum’s graphic design? The image above is actually a collage of some of our work. Also, click HERE to see more detailed samples, then scroll down.

Second Print Option: Do It Yourself

Do you like to take things into your own hands? Brum Print has it’s very own online print store where you can do just that! Input your order by yourself. Upload your artwork. Even create your piece to be printed on our incredible online store. Simply go to

Print & Direct Mail – Further Detail

Whether you need an occasional round of 5,000 brochures or post cards, or 100,000 direct mail pieces, Brum Advertising can handle it start to finish. We are known for having a keen creative eye. Once we create that stand-out piece to your liking, we print it! Once it’s printed, we deliver! Or if you want, we can handle every facet of a powerful direct mail campaign for you. We can narrow your mailer by demographic, area of town, business type, even by postal route and household income. Ask us to bid your next print and/or direct mail fulfillment project. You’ll find we’re on the ball, easy to work with, and provide very competitive pricing to seal the deal!

We consistently win print and direct mail jobs with small and large companies alike because of our high quality print & design, low pricing, and fast turn-around! Our quality design, print quality, delivery, and price, are virtually unmatched in Birmingham AL or anywhere else in the U.S.! Brum Advertising offers brochures, post cards, fliers, rack cards, booklets, posters, business cards – all of your marketing material collateral!

Printing – Graphic Design – Direct Mail

Our creative graphic design is in a league of its own. We have a saying about our graphic design… “Will today be a home run or a grand slam?” Are we really that good? Just ask any of our clients why they keep coming back, project after project, year after year!printing & direct mail in birmingham al

Direct mail plays a vital role in bringing strong results for many Brum clients. Success stories abound for our clients who use us to plan and carry out their mailing campaigns; and what’s more, we often hear from our clients how much money we’ve saved them over their previous printers and direct-mail vendors.

Your business cards, brochures, post cards, rack cards, and other printed materials are intended to present a clear, precise message and image of who you are to your customers. If your company’s image is not fashioned by a top-notch team of graphic designers, copywriters, and editors (from logo to message to design), then you’re speaking volumes to customers, but sending the wrong kind of message. It is vital that your customers and potential customers remember you for all the right reasons.

Get a Print or Direct Mail Quote Today

Get a quote today for your next direct-mail campaign or print project. Click HERE or call (205) 447-9871. Our hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Central Time.


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