When is it Time to Hire an Ad Agency?

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Most small businesses start out without much support. Maybe just one person doing all of the work, investing in a dream. But, as your business grows, and especially if you start experiencing success, you’re probably going to need some help.

At first, you may be able to get by with just hiring a support person, and delegating to contract employees. When you have grown and are seeing success but want to take your business to the next level – that’s a good time to consider hiring an advertising or marketing agency. Sometimes the clues are more subtle. Here are some signs to help you recognize it’s time to enlist the help of an ad agency to help grow your business.

Sales are Slow or Stagnant

There’s a proven market for your product or service, you’re confident in the customer service you provide, your sales team is well-trained and pricing is competitive. The problem with slow or stagnant sales could be poor or inadequate marketing tactics and strategies. One easy way to tell? Many advertising agencies in Birmingham offer  consultations for a fee. Brum Advertising, however, offers businesses and organizations free initial consults and we extend an open invitation to you to talk about your marketing goals and how we can increase trackable monthly results.

We’ll look at what you’re doing currently and then offer suggestions for improvement.You will likely walk away with helpful marketing insight, as well as an idea about the results you can expect from working with our agency. We believe objectives and goals should be agreed upon up front so that success can be easily measured.

You Don’t Do Any Marketing

You’re already doing the job of six people (or more!) and your to-do list is never-ending. Naturally, you’re going to give priority to tasks that pay the bills or put out fires. Who has time for marketing? Marketing takes time and strategy, so it can quickly and easily move to the bottom of the list. This is a situation when you might consider hiring a marketing agency to take it off your plate and move it to the top of the list.

You Don’t Enjoy Marketing

You may simply be a person who doesn’t like implementing marketing strategies. Maybe you don’t fully understand it and definitely don’t have time to invest in learning. Unfortunately, your lack of enthusiasm for the marketing process will show in your execution of any marketing endeavor you might implore. You don’t have to be a marketing genius – you’re busy doing the things you love and are successful at doing. Give the marketing work to the agencies who love doing it and are good at it.

You Just Don’t Have Marketing Skills

That’s ok! Why should you? Many talented, successful, and intelligent business owners seem embarrassed that they don’t know much about marketing.  A good advertising agency will get to know you and your business inside and out and then apply their marketing and advertising skills to promote your business.

My Sales Team Complains There Are “No Good Leads”

You have skilled and hardworking salespeople. More and more you’re hearing they’re frustrated due to lack of viable leads. It is possible that current marketing efforts, or lack thereof, really are not producing leads or only bringing in low-quality leads. An ad agency can help generate quality leads by learning about your sales process. They will work with your sales team to develop marketing materials and strategies that will generate quality leads.

Hiring an Advertising Agency in Birmingham, Alabama – or Wherever!

Hiring individual marketing help such as a digital marketing specialist, a content/copy producer, social media manager, PPC or SEO specialist, and graphic or web designer can get expensive fast. Surprisingly, hiring an advertising agency can be much more cost effective. Allowing you to gain all of that experience and skills – all for about the same cost of one key employee!

If you’re considering hiring an ad agency in Birmingham, AL or anywhere in the United States,, please contact Brum Advertising at (205) 447-9871. We’d love to meet you and talk about how we can partner to help you get real results with your marketing and advertising.