Online is Trending Up, Traditional Media Trending Down

When it comes to our TV viewing, who is #1? Is it one of the 4 major Networks: ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS? Or is it one of certain cable networks, maybe Fox News or HG-TV? Would you believe Netflix and YouTube are #1!? No joke. It’s happened! In an April 27, 2015 “TV Daily” survey by Ipsos MediaCT, we learn that for Persons 18-34, 42% of weekly viewers were watching Netflix, 32% were watching YouTube, while Network Television fell below those: 30% ABC, 27% Fox, 22% NBC, and 17% CBS! [Click the above link to see the entire report for full age demos and details.] Without a doubt, online is trending up, traditional media down!

Anyone in business who plans to remain viable in business should stay on top of what the online world is doing and how it affects one’s traditional advertising mix. Let’s take your company’s website as an example. Ask yourself, what am I doing to be found by potential customers. If you’re advertising on TV or Radio, doing direct mail, billboard, or print, all of those things have their place and are still being done effectively by our agency’s clients. If you’re still doing a big ad in Yellow Pages each year, come see me after class. That said, it’s becoming so important with every passing moment to have an online presence. Your small business simply must have a strong, professional website to remain competitive in your industry.

Capture Low-Hanging fruit with SEO

For most of us, when we want to find a product or service, the place we look is Google, Bing, or Yahoo. We type in the product or service we’re looking to find. For instance, let’s say we’re looking for Direct Mail in Birmingham, Alabama, we type “Direct Mail Birmingham.” In this case, up comes a listing of businesses offering direct mail services in Birmingham (Brum incidentally is #1 for that term). 😉 Most people never go beyond page 2 in their searches; so, if you run a small business that offers a particular product or service, it’s important you show up on page 1 when someone searches for the products and services you offer in your city. That’s something Brum offers its clients, and something you should consider paying Brum or another reputable SEO firm to do for you. You must reach and hold on to a page 1 presence for your industry in your city. It’s easy… Don’t miss low hanging fruit!

It’s fine and great to advertise on TV and Radio. Those mediums are still huge direct-response deliverers. As a business owner, however, you should be taking advantage of the low-hanging fruit available to you as hundreds of people in your city search every day for the products and services you offer. Wait, did I just repeat myself? I did. It cannot be overstated! Bottom line, you want customers to find you online, not your competition.


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