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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising – A Marketing Staple

It’s the life-blood and ultimate goal of every business owner and marketer: To Find the World’s Best Funnel for Lead Generation! In marketing, the name of the game is Results. We want our ad dollars to funnel the most leads possible for every dollar spent, right? Well, in recent years, we’ve seen a clear leader emerge for some of the very best lead generation anywhere! We are talking about Pay-Per-Click Advertising (often referred to as Google Ad Words).

Pay Per Click Advertising is a form of internet advertising used to direct people, who are searching for products and services, to related websites where they can purchase said products or services. For example, when you google heating and air companies, you will see a list of heating and air companies populate for your area. Pay Per Click ads will also populate for your area at the top and bottom of your search page. The beauty of it is, you only pay for PPC ads when someone actually clicks on your ad; and of course, that’s why it’s called “Pay Per Click.” Furthermore, with PPC advertising, these are potential customers who are in the market to buy or shop right now! What better time to capture them than at the moment they are searching to connect about your particular product or service!

Pay Per Click Advertising Management

At Brum Advertising, we manage Pay Per Click ad campaigns for our clients, helping to ensure the most cost-efficient placement of their “ad words” budgets. We analyze the whole scope of our clients’ business needs, demographics, and psychographics to determine how best to place and write your ads. Things like “Quality Score” and “Maximum Bid” are used to determine how high Google places your ads on a given search page. At Brum, we help to ensure optimal placement of your ads for the most efficient return on investment possible. Contact us today to discuss how Pay Pay Click can keep your business busy with new leads! Call now, (205) 447-9871.

PPC Advertising

At Brum Advertising, we help our clients make the most effective use of their ad dollars. When our agency began in the late 90s, we focussed primarily on Radio, and quickly moved into doing more television, direct mail, outdoor, print, and web. The thing that has really stood out to us in recent years, however, is Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC). It truly seems to be the case that this one form of advertising, above all others, is fast becoming the primary staple of advertising for most every business. It’s the marketing piece you put into play and don’t think twice about it because it works like clock work! Ad agencies who are having a hard time breaking the mold from traditional advertising will inevitably miss out on valuable dividends for their clients by not accepting Pay Per Click as a staple of their clients’ ad mix; and when we say staple, we mean it’s a permanent fixture or your marketing for as long as your lights are on; it’s that strong and that consistent! Pay Per Click may not necessarily be for every business, but for businesses who rely on lead generation or can stand to grow, it is proving time and again to be a very valuable and stable piece of the marketing puzzle.

Contact Brum Advertising today to discuss getting your Pay Per Click campaign started and the leads rolling in! Call now, (205) 447-9871.


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