Top 5 Principles for Effective Web Designweb design in birmingham al

What makes a web design effective? When we think of design, we generally think of appearance and how something looks. But when it comes to designing for the Web, there is much more to consider than looks. Steve Jobs once said “Design is not just what it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works.” It is the website’s usability and utility, along with visual design, that ultimately determines the success and effectiveness of a website.

Whether redesigning an old site, or creating a new website, the web designers at Brum Advertising recommend considering these web design principles before you begin:

1. Understand your users

By understanding your customers and what their needs are, your web design can better meet and effectively satisfy those needs. What will your users be searching for when they land on your website and will they find it? These questions are specific to your customers, business, and location. You may already have the answers or you may need to do some research. Either way, this is a fundamental step in the web design process.

2. Intuitive navigation and site architecture

A user wants to find the answers they’re searching for quickly and easily. If a website isn’t able to satisfy the users’ expectations, the design has ultimately failed. Make it easy to get from point A to point B with clear structure, visual cues, and recognizable links to assist your users in getting where they want to go and obtain the information for which they are searching.

Users make decisions quickly, usually based on scanning, so if your web design presents too much of a cognitive load and navigation isn’t intuitive, the more likely users will leave your site and search for an alternative. Help your users by applying Hick’s law and reducing the number of choices available to them. This will create a better user experience and keep customers returning to your website.

3. Communication and content

The content on your website must be unique, well written, and easily comprehensible, while keeping search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. The writing must clearly express what you do and how to interact with your product or services. Avoid providing content that is too promotional and understand your target audience’s preferred writing style.

birmingham web design4. Simplicity, organization, and white space

You want to provide the visitors of your website with a consistent and clear layout and site structure. The organization of visual concepts include the division of content, consistency, navigation, as well as visual appeal.

No matter how complex your product or service may be, complexity is never something that a visitor wants to find on your website. White space is one of the of the most effective ways to reduce complexity and assist in creating simple design. White space helps divide a web page into distinct areas, resulting in simpler to process information.  

5. Visual hierarchy and accessibility

When it comes to a web design, visual hierarchy refers to the sequence in which our eye moves from one topic, area, or block, to another. If you provide users with a sense of visual hierarchy, your content will be perceived and understood more clearly.

Accessibility is another key design principle that contributes to a positive user experience. It includes typography, color, and images. Users must be able to access and process each segment of information in the easiest manner possible. This means that the text must be clear and legible, the colors shouldn’t be harsh or overpower the content.

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