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Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) | Birmingham, AL

The purpose of a Public Relations (PR) campaign is to grab attention and recognition. This is often done in a very public way. It doesn’t matter whether you’re based in Birmingham, Alabama or across the country, Brum Advertising will pull out all stops to gain ample press and media coverage for your business or organization. We have a long-standing history of getting our clients noticed. We regularly bring our clients face to face with the public through broadcast television, radio, print, web, and social media. Getting noticed is what it’s all about. We love finding angles and `ins’ with media for our clients! Let us tailor a PR campaign suited to your needs.

They will Think of You!

Break the mold. Do more than mere advertising. Venture out and be the leader in your industry and in your community. Become a familiar and trusted voice for your industry. Secure your position in the market. Brand your name! Become top-of-mind! Then when customers have a need for what you offer, they will think of you.

PR – This is How We Do It

It’s all in a day’s work at Brum Advertising…preparing and sending out press releases, fostering relationships and partnerships, lining up stories, interviews, and coverage for our clients…. Once we prepare and send a press release on behalf of our client, we then follow up with each major media outlet (TV, Radio, and Print) to actually facilitate lining up as much press coverage as possible. With extensive media experience, we have built a solid PR arm, having established the necessary contacts, relationships, and know-how to secure a variety of media exposure, including stories, interviews, PSAs, and live onsite coverage for our clients.

PR Campaigns – Call Today

Contact Brum Advertising today and let us go to work for you. Gain attention for all the right reasons using Public Relations. PR is fun and gets you noticed! Brum has many years of experience helping businesses and organizations like yours to get noticed.  Call us at (205) 447-9871.


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