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Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising | Birmingham, Alabama

With state-of-the-art production facilities, as well as some of the best voice talent anywhere in the country working in tandem with some of the best creative radio producers anywhere, The Brum Advertising Team offers radio advertising that gets its clients noticed!


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Theater of the Mind

“Theater of the Mind” is what effective radio advertising is all about – creating images and evoking emotions within the minds of your target audience to compel them to action.


Still #1 for Music & Talk

For music and talk, radio is still #1. Despite all the latest and greatest technology, as well as multiple sources for media listening, radio continues shining brightly. Click HERE for the details from Arbitron.

In today’s modern techno-minded world, we frequently find ourselves in discussions regarding radio advertising as an effective marketing venue. One question we are often asked is how satellite radio has affected local radio advertising and its effectiveness as an advertising medium. Our response is basically as follows: Beginning in the late 90s with the advent of Satellite, a lot of talk brewed over radio’s potential demise. Despite the nay-sayers, the reality has been weak response to satellite radio. This resulted in the July, 2008 merger of Sirius and XM.


Sirius XM

Even after the merger of Sirius and XM, the newly-formed Sirius XM nearly had to file for bankruptcy in 2009, and probably would have done so were it not for a private investor’s bail-out of the company, infusing over half a billion dollars to keep the wheels on! Contrast that with traditional (and still FREE) local radio as it holds a very dominant lead over satellite with roughly 13 TIMES the listenership of satellite! Satellite has barely made a dent in traditional radio.

Furthermore, teenagers today, as technologically-minded as they are with all the latest gadgets and devices, still listen heavily to traditional radio in their cars and elsewhere according to Arbitron ratings data and other sources. According to Edison Research, “AM/FM radio is an `almost all of the times’ or `most of the times’ in-car choice for nearly six in ten adults aged 18 and over; dashboard AM/FM radio (58 percent) far outpaces frequent in-car use of CD players (15 percent), portable digital audio/MP3 players (11 percent) and satellite radio (10 percent)”; and overall AM/FM weekly radio listenership is still at 83%.

In addition, in a 2012 Pew Research study, traditional radio’s use was shown to have remained nearly static over the last decade! So, is radio still a viable means for advertising? Yes!


Radio Advertising – How We Do It

Finding the right station and show on which to advertise is an important key to a successful radio campaign. By researching the latest Arbitron ratings and Scarborough demographic data, Brum can help you target your primary consumer with a message that brings those consumers to your door!


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