SEO Tips for Small Business Websites

There are lots of things to keep secret. Your website isn’t one of them. Making sure your website can be found when people search for what it is that you do is crucial to gaining new customers in today’s world.

Think about how you search for things. If you need a realtor, a mortgage company, a plastic surgeon, or a dentist, where is the first place you and the rest of the world go? Of course, GOOGLE. So the question now begs, can people find YOU with a simple Google search of your industry?

Is Your Website a Secret?

Good SEO is the great equalizer in business today. SEO makes your website stand tall in the crowd. In the Old West, the great equalizer was the gun. Didn’t matter how small you were, if you had a gun, you were seen as big! Same thing is true today in business. If you have a website, AN OPTIMIZED WEBSITE, and you appear on page 1 when people search for what you do, you are seen as a Big Cheese in your industry!

Think of the customers you’re losing out on because you’re not optimized. If you’re not on page 1, begin your journey today. If you do a Google search right now for your industry for your city “Dentist Birmingham AL,” who shows up on page 1? Go ahead.. Take a minute to search, then come right back….

Search the Web for your industry…

Okay, did you search? Who showed up on page 1? Now, think of the phone calls, the pieces of proverbial pie that your competition is regularly receiving that you’re not! They’re not paying for the leads or a salesperson to generate all their leads, yet their business is growing, because they’re on page 1 of Google.

Time to reveal your company’s hidden gem… your website. When you do, you’ll also reveal a hidden sales force that’s been secret to you! Begin today by infusing a solid dose of SEO into your website.

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Alan Brumbeloe