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Brum Advertising provides television production so bold and beautiful, you will call Mama to watch!


Television Advertising – The “Frequency” Rule

Did you know that television commercials need to be seen at least 3 times in a week by the same person in order to evoke an effective response? And for businesses who rely on direct-response, you must lose the bad advice… Don’t Spread Your Budget Thin. Instead, effectively own every show in which you decide to deliver your message. Brum Advertising helps its clients make the most of their ad budgets. Any ad agency worth it’s salt should apply the golden rule to your ad dollars and treat them as carefully as their own!


TV Advertising – The Message

How important is your advertising message? Actually, what you say and show in your commercial is equally as important as your station and show selection. Furthermore, ads that pluck our emotional strings do a better job making us remember. For example, if you are marketing a Rolex watch to guys, maybe make those men sense how it feels to wear that Rolex at their next big business meeting, using your ad to grab the emotional ego felt when the boss notices the glitz… the glamour… The Rolex!


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