Be Aware of the Most Common Web Design Mistakes

avoid web design mistakes

There are many factors at play when it comes to web design. And unfortunately, many mistakes to be made. Whether your website is guilty of one of these common mistakes or you’re redesigning your website and want to avoid mistakes, either way, knowledge is power here.

Using a Theme With No Customization

You can’t go wrong by using pre-made web elements or a theme. Or can you? Using one of the many premium themes will help you launch your website quickly and easily, but it won’t stand out from the rest without customization. You may need to invest in the skills of a developer to get a truly unique web design that will stand out from the crowd.

However, if you’re web savvy, you can start with a premium theme that comes with tools that allow you to make changes to typography, color, and style. There are also numerous widgets and plugins that can help you link your social media platforms, add contact forms, and other visual elements to your site. You can and should make changes regularly to keep your site looking fresh.

Poor Image Choice

Images play a huge role in your web design. Images convey your brand, provide focus points, and visually demonstrate your products or services. If your image resolution is poor, the focus is off, or the tone simply doesn’t match your brand, it will reflect poorly on your overall website design. Images engage users and keep them scrolling and clicking.

Sometimes it’s best to hire a professional photographer or illustrator to create custom images for your brand and website. There also are many quality stock images you can purchase for a fair price, and you can be assured you’re not infringing on any copyrights and that your images are clear and in focus.

Complicated Navigation

It’s time to rethink your website menus. Gone are the days where multiple options are presented in drop down menus. Multiple levels have become too time consuming for the average web searcher. It isn’t necessary for every page of your website to be included in the navigational structure. The most important take-away, though, is that your navigation is simple and streamlined. You should have an obvious click pattern, clearly marked primary pages, and possibly a second level navigation menu or sidebar, if your site is content-rich.
You want your users to click around, explore, and discover, while also being able to find the information for which they are looking. It’s a delicate balance.

Slow Loading Time

Slow sites are bad for users and for SEO. Most users don’t have patience to wait for your pages to load and will leave your site after only a few seconds. There are multiple reasons why a website loads slowly, so the first step is to determine the cause. You can use a tool such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights or to give you some additional insight.

Always be sure images and video are optimized and you have a quality web host.

Most web design mistakes can be corrected relatively easily, while others can require more time and resources. On rare occasion, a redesign may be in order. To learn more about web experiences and design as it relates to your business, contact Brum Advertising.