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When we began designing websites, our offices were not even in Birmingham. Most of our team was living in Pell City and commuting to Birmingham every day (More About Us). Business was booming! Our agency grew so rapidly, in fact, that the Birmingham Business Journal named Brum Advertising the fastest-growing small business between 2005-2008. In 2012, we opened our first Birmingham, AL office. Most of our clients are businesses located in the Metro Birmingham area, but we do have clients from all around the country.

The very fact that you’re on our website means you understand that not just anyone can be a web designer. To ensure your business website has that sense of “WOW!” takes a team effort by web design professionals. Visitors to your website only need a split second to make a judgement about you. If your web design looks like your cousin’s brother-in-law did it for a class project, your visitors will notice and head straight to your competitor’s website. In business, first impressions are everything!

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What Brum Uses to Design our Websites

We like to use WordPress, and for good reason! First, WordPress is simple to use for website programmers and website clients alike. Furthermore, WordPress was originally designed with blogging in mind. This is important because WordPress was made to be SEO-friendly, in order to easily boost their clients’ blog posts in search results. So, WordPress’s SEO-friendly framework naturally helps websites to be found more easily in Google. It’s no wonder that over 25% of the world’s web designs are now created in WordPress (see source stats)!


Recent Web Designs by Brum Advertising


Clinton Plastic Surgery


Clinton Plastic Surgery – Dr. Clinton’s challenge had been finding a website company that could offer a professional-looking and searchable website design quickly. The Brum Team did it! We created a website over which Dr. Clinton’s colleagues, patients, and acquaintances raved. We also designed his stunning new logo, business cards, and letterhead. Additionally, we implemented a healthy measure of savvy SEO into his site so that patients could easily find him for the procedures he offered. After switching to Brum, he got a great looking website and a page-one presence for his major key terms. Click here to see Dr. Clinton’s testimonial.



VenueStream – Naming rights is a growing niche industry. More and more stadiums, civic centers, arenas, and parks are naming their venues after a donating sponsor to generate more revenue. Thus was birthed the dream of VenueStream. VenueStream looked to the Brum Advertising team to facilitate making their dream a reality through a strong website presence reflective of their commitment to create revenue streams through venue naming rights.


MLS Watch


MLS Watch – A recent client who does blogging for Major League Soccer (MLS) contacted us to give their 20,000+ followers a new multi-use, highly interactive website. They needed a site that would excite and invigorate their followers and investors to support their efforts via crowd funding to foster the birth and continued growth of a team-by-team web project, all in an effort to further grow their following and reach even more Major League Soccer fans across the United States. The job was creatively quite intensive, yet we handled the need in under two weeks.

Studio G Pilates


Studio G Pilates – Owner, Genevieve Ward, wanted a website design that was a true representation of who she was and what she offered. She also needed her website to be created quickly while maintaining her SEO. Brum did both. We gave her an eye-catching website she could be proud of and maintained her SEO, all in less than two weeks! Click here to see Genevieve’s testimonial.



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Time for a New Website Design?

Is it time for a new website design? Let the creative team at Brum Advertising fashion a professional, quick-loading, highly-functional web design with savvy SEO… one that’ll make your Mama proud and your competition envious. Among companies who provide web design in Birmingham AL, we stand out, offering that sleek, stylish, SEO-friendly web design that others only dream about!

The Advantage of Using an Ad Agency for Web Design

It’s true, creating a website is so easy a kid can do it. The problem is, you don’t want your website looking like a kid did it! Your website’s appearance speaks volumes to potential customers. If your website speaks “average,” you are perceived as average. A poor design thus reflects poorly on your business or organization. So, what is the main advantage of using an advertising agency over a typical web design company or freelance web designer? Advertising agencies like Brum are usually very concerned with how something looks as well as adherence to your brand standards. If your website is sleek and stunning, people automatically perceive your business that way. If your site looks average or cheap, people unfortunately think less of you and move on to the next site, probably a competitor.

A savvy looking website translates into positive branding, phone calls, and sales. In today’s world, where your competition is a click away, appearances are everything to outside visitors. Just remember, ad agencies are concerned very much with appearance. Brum Advertising is a full-service ad agency who does website design. That’s why Brum Advertising is well-suited to provide you with the sleek and stunning web design you’re after, one about which you can be proud to show off!

At Brum, we have a graphic design and programming team to give you that home-run look and feel. Most web design companies can’t compete with the kind of powerful design engine that an ad agency brings. You would like for a visitor’s first impression to be “WOW!!” not “Ho hum, another website.” Who better to give you that professional, stand-out look to rival your competition than a creative advertising agency like Brum Advertising!

BRUM web designs are Responsive/Mobile friendly

These days, your website must be responsive. Responsive means your site is easily viewable on any device (computer, tablet, smart phone). All of our websites are created to be responsive. So whether you have need for website design in Birmingham AL or clear across the country, we offer creative web design solutions that will be mobile-friendly and get your business or organization noticed! We help ensure you make the right first impression to the rest of the world. Make wise use of the web. Create a web presence that will sell for you 24/7. Choose Brum Advertising for web design that’ll make your competition green with envy, but more importantly, deliver the green by making your phone ring! Contact Brum now.

Website Design – Fast & Easy

Web design can consume lots of time and effort, both initially and once your website is up and going. Having a team committed to staying on top of your site will save you lots of time and headache! Having a team like Brum Advertising to help with the initial and on-going web development and marketing is essential to ensuring its success! Countless websites are created each year that are not inspiring. There are many different facets involved with creating a truly inspirational site, from the graphic design, to the implementation, to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When any one of these areas is weak, the website suffers and so does your business.

Brum Advertising makes the entire process easy. You tell us what you want. We map a plan. We create it to WOW the world. And we do it FAST! Remember, you need a team who can deliver well in several areas, and do so in a timely manner. For solid web design in Birmingham AL or anywhere across the United States, Brum is ready to help with your design!

SEO Marketing – OUTRANK YOUR COMPETITION in the Search Engines

95% of searches never go beyond page 1 of Google. This means YOU NEED TO SHOW UP ON PAGE ONE! We will help you to achieve a page-one ranking without breaking the bank. You can never guarantee a page-one presence, but at Brum, we’ve always had demonstrable success for our clients! Most sites’ fundamental skeletons are not search engine friendly. This is where we can help. Brum websites are developed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. We use a powerful yet easy-to-use content management system (CMS) called WordPress. WordPress is a very SEO-friendly platform upon which to build. And making website changes was never so easy for webmasters and clients as with WordPress.

web_design_Birmingham_AL_SEOCertainly the web design firm you choose needs to have the ability to offer a home-run look and feel; but, what’s more, they need to be able to work some SEO magic to ensure your site ranks highly in the search engines. You also should have a plan for marketing your website once your site is created (i.e., SEO, SEM, traditional advertising). Your website must be search-engine friendly to ensure it is easily found. Your website is your statement to the rest of the world. It’s a reflection of the quality of work and services you offer. So make it a good one… And make sure it’s easily found in the search engines! Visit our SEO page for more.

Click HERE to read Brum Advertising blog posts. Brum owner, Alan Brumbeloe, discusses everything from how you can achieve a page 1 presence in Google to how Brum is personally achieving their own SEO dreams, such as striving to arrive on page 1 of Google for the search term “web design Birmingham AL.” Lots of fun reads, chocked full of useful tips and information!

Web Design in Birmingham AL – Call Us Today!web_design_Birmingham_AL_Scrabble

Our web design and development team would love to meet with you and your staff to learn about your website and digital marketing needs. Once we meet together, specific focal points for site development can be established, a sitemap can be created, and a plan put into place, to give you a website you can be proud to present to the world! Just as Brum Advertising wanted to be found on page 1 of Google for “web design Birmingham AL,” you, too, may want to be found for certain key terms in your industry. Stop being jealous of your competition’s page one presence in Google and Contact us today to discuss your website and SEO needs and discover what it feels like to capture a piece of the online pie in your industry! – Call now, (205) 447-9871.


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